Thursday, September 18, 2008

worst teacher in the world

she is the worst teacher imaginable. starts talking about chinua achebe. thinks of something else in the middle of it, loses track, and ends up talking about franz fanon. the students ask her if she can repeat what she has just said please.

she looks totally bewildered. desperately struggling to remember what she was talking about. achebe or fanon or none or both? she cannot make up her mind. the class awaits her response, like a timed bomb. or so she thinks. it will explode on her face now. and the fear makes it harder for her to think.

but the students are unperturbed. they are used to worse things. their apathy helps. slowly she remembers her role and her lines. which she delivers without relish. almost with a tinge of helplesness.

and when the class is over, the blood rushes back to her face and head. and she feels like she has just escaped the heavy clasp of a suffocating giant.

she is the worst teacher imaginable.