Sunday, September 21, 2008

Delhi encounter

This time everybody is talking about it. This time, unlike in the Parliament attack case, there are more voices questioning whether the encounter in Jamia Nagar was fake. So many email-forwards (see here) are coming in and its there in all  the conversations that we are having.

Even in right wing mainstream news papers these facts are appearing. (Presented in a highly apolitical fashion, of course. Just the bare minimum of facts given as now they are too loud to be avoided; with the rest of the paper going on and on about the new and lethal menace called "educated Muslim terrorism.")

I can see the Hindu faces around; all frightened, thinking of the 'Indian Mujaheddin' breeding in the Delhi 'ghettos', ready to strike them from the middle-class waste bins kept in markets and parks. In Delhi, now they keep all the waste bins turned upside down to avoid 'terrorists' from hiding bombs in them. And on the day of the blasts, eye witnesses tell us that middle class people were chasing and beating up anyone with a beard. 

And for many who live outside the (in)security of the Hindu nation with its newspapers and TV channels, life is a nightmare. You are in a closed and claustrophobic lift, moving towards the top and suddenly the lift spouts another room. The room hides a police man and he is taking messages from a huge crowd that has gathered outside; waiting to kill you.

And then you wake up. And for a long time you lie listening to all the noises that Delhi makes. Bhajans in loudspeakers. Metro construction-work going on. Children playing in the parking lot.