Thursday, September 25, 2008


how to carry on a working day life in the midst of such turbulence? 
find and submit attendance lists that are scattered all over the house? 
keep to deadlines promised sincerely with my heart in my eyes? 
plod through giant paragraphs of Virgil's Aeneid filled with pot-holes that i fall into and weep? 
how to get back to writing my book? 
how to stop being obsessive? how to sleep in time? 
how to quit scribbling wicked lines at the back of lecture notes? and being so silly dyslexic? 
how to get along with people who learned to count before they learned to speak?
how not to puke when the volgan is trying to get you to listen to his poetree? 
how to look through noodle strap blouses to see her quiet heart waiting for tender things? 
how to ward of accusations from pain filled eyes that blame you for the state of their being? 
how to brush these cockroaches away from these eyelashes and eyes? 
how not to burst into allergy after he has showed you the underbelly of damp and corrupted lives?
how not to  think of snakes and caves and purple machines droning to themselves in the hot steaming rain? how to touch your wrinkled hand, father, and kiss you goodnight? 
how to secure my daughter from the torture of all their mangled eyes? 
how to keep safe in here? how to live, love, lie and
how can i sleep tonight?