Monday, December 14, 2009

dream work

manic days end with strangest dreams. a moon boat.
shimmering in a sewage drain. and prithviraj, the film
actor, pretending to be a god-man. but no one takes
him seriously. i am a woman in a water-lily-blue-painting.
and always i stare outside the scene. as he cajoles, trying
to draw me in. row row row ur boat, mr movie star,
gently down the stream. there my daughter lies sleeping..

i don't want to wake her up and force her to watch your next
new film. and my nose starts bleeding. blood like thick honey
made-over with oil paint and water colors. i am not afraid.
i am not in pain. i know that everything is destined to be good.
from the very beginning. then suddenly i turn queen. in ten

acres of green land, with a compound wall that has pretty holes
in it, through which i see my brother on a cycle.  you bought 
us a new house?, he asks. and comes cycling to where i stand.  
yes yes yes. come in. B's mother gifted me this. she stands
behind in gloomy silence. but i trust B to help me, to

save me. and there is this doctor who says that my ulcer
is not a wound. its just a floating foreign object. and he can
heal it in three days. and i can drink again. i come home to a
huge hall to tell B this. i wake up this morning in the happiness

of these dreams. which gives me everything i need. i am kind to
my daughter and my husband. i make them eggs with orange
sunny sides. and for myself a capsicum omlet. what a wonderful life !